UECF aims to attract and capture youth in the development stages of their lives and arm them with a solid set of financial literacy educational guideposts and wealth generation strategies as a foundation for building stronger families and communities. Such proven programs that have been evidenced in gaining a revenue-generating economic way of thinking, as well as, instilling moral virtues to live by, regardless of political leadership shifts, including:

  • Financial Literacy Education 
  • Recognizing and Maximizing Specialized Monetary Vehicles
  • Economic Growth and Sustainability Forums
  • Generational Wealth Creation Methodologies
  • Individualized Estate Planning Instruction
  • Land Ownership Educational Series- Acquisition, Retention, Maintenance and Stewardship
  • Scholarships for Black Aviation Majors and Black Pilots
  • Purposeful and Collaborative Ventures with MHO’s (Mutual Help Organizations)